In Four Seconds


First thing, I want to thank you for visiting my site! This site is dedicated to all the witnesses, “experiencers”, “knowers” or by whatever description you know yourself to be. If you are here, it is highly likely that you have either had a Sasquatch experience that you cannot explain by conventional methods or you are just curious as to what all the mayhem is all about.

I began this journey of research 14 years ago or so. I have always known or felt there were secrets about our planet and universe that are not shared with us. We are ALL taught how and what to think from the moment we exit the birth canal. The first 18-22 years of your life are spent “getting educated or indoctrinated” into a specific way of thinking in how you see the world. The government, science and the lumber and paper companies, do not want us to know what is really going on in the deep woods of North America. Put your money on that.

Once I saw a Sasquatch disappear right in front of my eyes in 2013, that was all it took for me to realize why “they” do not want us to know what is really going on. If these beings were just everyday apes then why the big secret? New species of all forms of life are discovered daily, weekly, yearly. We nearly always hear about those. I am also well aware that at some point many of you who have had a Sasquatch/Cryptid event are mocked, ridiculed, kidded and sometimes even worse. And usually by those closest to you. The tales I have heard after interviewing close to 500 witnesses over the years are also proof that there is something going on with these beings that defies logical explanations.

If you have questions or need to share an event, I want this to be the safe place to come and share your stories. Your private information is never shared. Names, locations and any other identification is simply not posted here or anywhere else.

We will hopefully learn things together. Again, welcome. Carter Buschardt.

Pay close attention to the time stamp. A lot can happen in only 4 seconds!

In Four Seconds

In four seconds your life can change forever. That statement can fit many narratives. Your fiancé can propose to you and that utterance takes about four seconds and it of course will change life for the both of you. You try to beat the traffic light and in turn, you get in a wreck. That misstep takes about four seconds, and obviously that act can change your life. In the two photos you see here, a hunter’s life and his perception of the world around him changed forever one day as he was out checking his trail cameras. A routine day of changing batteries and SD cards turns into something that will stick with him forever. Four seconds. Count it out. It is brief and fleeting.

As he made his rounds of the 30 or so cameras he and the landowner have on the property, he was unaware of anything unusual going on around him. Just another beautiful day doing something he loves. As he walked through a large clearing, he was headed for a camera placed at the tree line. He tripped the camera and kept about his chore. Four seconds. Tick tock. Tick tock. When he got home to go through all the photos, he was stunned to see the photo of the hand taken just four seconds after he walked by. How can that be? He never saw it, never heard it or even sensed anything out of the ordinary and he and the landowner have seen and heard some serious oddities over the years. There are options for explaining this event, but some of those explanations will make some of you uncomfortable. Read about in in my latest book Sasquatch: Evidence of an Enigma III.

Events like these, and others, have fueled my quest for answers regarding the beings known as Sasquatch, Bigfoot or whatever names they go by. I am a 14 year researcher with a hundred reports published to BFRO, I have led four public expeditions for BFRO and participated in hundreds of private expeditions. I have seen and heard things that defy logic.

The world is not what you have been told. Welcome to my site!