I began writing during 2020, since like many people covid kind of put a damper on things. And during my ongoing years doing investigative reports for BFRO I began hearing the usual and customary sightings and sounds from people from all walks of life. But then many of them began telling me things that they said I wouldn’t believe. Things they told spouses, loved ones, co-workers and other family members. Then they told me they were ridiculed and scorned by those closest to them so they shut down completely and told virtually no one.

These three books contain real stories from real people just like you and me. And if we are all really lucky, these books will reach the eyes and homes of previous experiencers, who will get the courage to come forward and share their experiences so that another group of people may come forward and share their experiences.

We need to know what is REALLY going on behind the scenes. Please be aware that there are those in power that simply do not want this topic discussed because they hold the knowledge. Also remember that knowledge is power, and power corrupts. We will get to the truth eventually. But we need your help by coming forward. If you wish to purchase all three books as a package deal, The price will be $55 and that includes shipping to the continental U.S. These books are full color on glossy paper and signed if you like. Thank you.

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